Kitui family cry for justice after mentally disabled daughter was defiled

A family from Maluma Ikutha, Kitui South sub-county is crying for justice after their mentally disabled daughter was defiled.

Hannah Mwendwa the girl’s mother told the press that the suspect had been defiling their daughter on several nights before it was known.

She noted that they arrested the suspect at the girl’s house and handed him over to the police.

A few days later, the suspect was released and now the family fears for their lives since the suspect vowed to deal with them.

They are now forced to lock their daughter in the house with a padlock day and night to keep her away from the man.

“It was on 12th April when we caught the suspect who has been raping my daughter in my compound. I heard the dog bark severally and on coming out I found the man and he attempted to run but my son was swift to pin him down,” narrated the woman.

“He was handed over to the police and later released. We are still wondering how he was released yet there is overwhelming evidence against him, he even left his cap in the house, she added.

The girl’s father Joshua Mwendwa said that the man is responsible for their daughter’s pregnancy and he had been warned to stay away from the girl in vain.

“We did not even know she is pregnant until she was in labor, the same man is the one who got her pregnant, and efforts to implore him to leave my daughter alone has been in vain,” said the father.

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