Ithumula FC crowned Super 8 Kitui edition champions

Ithumula FC emerged victorious in a gripping showdown at Kitui Stadium, as they defeated Kitui FC in a 2-1 win to claim the Super 8 Kitui Edition championship. The event sponsored by extreme sport, kept the crowd on the edge of their seats as both teams showcased their skill and determination on the pitch.

The atmosphere at Kitui Stadium was nothing short of electric, with enthusiastic fans rallying behind their favorite teams throughout the game.

Extreme Sports CEO Hussein Mohammed who was present at the event emphasized the significance of corporate sponsorship in bolstering the growth of Kenyan football. He further reiterated that this can only achieved with good governance where there is transparency and accountability.

“Corporate sponsorship is essential in boosting the growth of our sports in Kenya. In return sponsors demand transparency, accountability, and value for their investment.” Mohammed said.

“We must fix governance and leadership in sports if we are to attract any significant sponsorship.” He added.

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