Ken Maria reacts after Omosh Jakababa ridiculed Kamba Musicians

Renowned Kamba Benga artist Ken wa Maria responded to Omosh Jakababa, one of Raila Odinga’s supporters who trashed Kamba musicians saying that their music is of no value.

Omosh said that Kamba Musicians only know how to greet people when singing which is why most of their songs are long but the first two minutes are the content and then the other details in the song are just greetings.

“Mkamba Bora anajua kusalimia watu yeye Ni msanii. Mkamba anaimba dakika mbili hizo dakika zingine ni Salamu. Mkamba asipotaja mlolongo Kwa Ngoma yake haiwezi trend,” Omosh said in one of his latest videos.

Ken wa Maria reacted to Omosh’s comments warning him to focus on his issues and leave the Kamba Musicians alone to do their songs.

“This is an illiterate goon who has no grasp of any substantial aspect of life apart from eating large quantities of ugali and omena and going to the toilet thereafter. Go back to school kwanza… First, move out of the ghetto then begin the process of joining the human race, for now, you are just a plain animal,” A furious Ken Maria reacted.

Some of the fans of Kamba Music commended Ken wa Maria for defending Kamba Music from people who don’t even understand Kikamba. They criticized Omosh for delving into issues that don’t concern him. Below are some of the comments.

Vincent Chash said, “The fact is he listens and watches your music if you see him talking about you.”

Philip Nzyima said,” If he thinks that Kamba people don’t know how to sing let him sing a Kamba song for 20 minutes and see how he will start crying. Let him stop that.”

Onesmus Mwania said,” He is just a clueless fellow who can’t comprehend what he is saying. He is just seeking relevance.”

Zacheus Amani said,” Well done Wa Maria, let the barking dogs continue barking. Everyone knows that our Kamba Musicians are always on top.”

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