How Top Primary schools in Machakos performed in KCPE 2022

Results of the 2022 KCPE Examinations were released by Education CS Ezekiel Machogu Wednesday. Here is how the best and top primary schools in Machakos Performed.

Ultimate Leader Muumandu Hills Academy had a mean score of 406.65 and 17 candidates. The top student Ryan James scored 422 marks while the lowest had 397 marks. The school recorded an improvement from last year’s 401.

Excellent stars Academy in Mlolongo had a mean score of 397.74 with the best student Delphine Gesora scoring 416 Marks and 15 others scoring over 400 marks. The last student had 373 marks.

Benuru schools in Mlolongo had 5 students with 400 marks and above. The best student was Ndumo joy with 411 marks.

In Early bird schools, Muia Nicole Mwongeli was the top student with 416 marks. 7 other students also had 400 marks and above.

In Makutano AIC Boarding, 12 students had 400 marks and above with the top student David Praise getting 418 marks. Machakos Primary School had 5 students scoring over 400 marks and the top student was Wambua Myles with 409 marks. The school had 235 candidates.

Kyandu Bright Academy had 5 students scoring over 400 marks. The top student Shannon Nzilani had 408 marks. Tala township in Matungulu had 2 students who scored over 400 marks. Abigael Moraa was the top student with 407 marks.

Ikombe Day and Boarding Primary Yatta had 7 students with over 400 marks. The top student was Uvyu Paul with 426 marks and the mean score was 354. The school had 165 candidates.

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