Best Performing Schools in Makueni county in KCPE 2021

Following the release of KCPE 2021 results by Education CS Prof. George Magoha, Mauvoo News has been compiling results of best performing schools in the 3 Ukambani counties where we are domiciled.

Below are some of the leading schools in Makueni;

Premese Academy Wote scored a mean score of 399.2 with the first candidate Patrick Otebo scoring 421 marks. 59 candidates sat for KCPE and 34 scored 400 marks and above. The last candidate had 334 marks.

Emmanuel Springs Makueni had 52 out of 153 candidates who scored over 400 marks. Emmanuel Mutinda was the top candidate with 420 marks and the school had a mean of 385.

St. Brigid school Mbooni had a mean score of 377 with 3 candidates scoring over 400 marks. The last candidate had 331 marks and the school had 27 candidates.

The Makueni school had 11 candidates with over 499 marks and the top candidates were Dennis Mumo, Joshua Mutua, Charity Wangui all with 411 marks.

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At J. Leperes Academy in Sultan Hamud, the school had a mean score of 386. Ivan Nicolous was the best candidate with 412 marks and 6 other candidates also had more than 400 marks.

Malivani AIC Boarding had a mean score of 356.98 and over 5 candidates scored more than 400 marks. The school had 122 candidates. Only 7 candidates scored below 300 marks.

Sister Damiana school in Kibwezi had more than 3 candidates who scored over 400 marks. Tusunini primary school, Kaiti had over 5 candidates scoring more than 400 marks. The best candidates had 412 marks.

Mauvoo News is still following up with the results from the other schools and we will be updating you as we receive them. Please follow us to stay updated;


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