Governor Wavinya spells doom on County Projects vandals

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has expressed her fury over locals vandalizing development projects.

Speaking in Matungulu while attending public participation forums for 2024/2025 ADP, Ndeti said that her efforts to ensure Matungulu locals have access to clean water have been derailed by some selfish people.

This is because unknown people have destroyed water pipes supplying water from Ngalalya boreholes to Tala and Matungulu’s west environs.

She stressed the importance of protecting development projects in order to benefit the locals.

“I am very enraged when I talk about the Ngalalya water project, There are people who have destroyed water pipes supplying water from the borehole to other areas, Why would anyone do such a thing when the water is benefiting the locals? is water coming to my home,” Wavinya asked the locals.

“We should learn to take care of development projects because they are for our benefit. If we allow them to get destroyed we will be the ultimate losers,” she added.

The outspoken Fovernor spelled doom on anyone who would be found culpable of destroying any project.

“I was shocked to find that my development signposts are also being destroyed,” she said.

Wavinya further urged leaders to avoid politicizing development projects and vowed to serve the people even if their leaders fight her.

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