Auditor General puts Masinga NG-CDF on the spot over shoddy works in projects and 28 projects worth 29M

The Auditor-General has put Masinga constituency NG-CDF on the spot over the delayed implementation of 28 projects worth 29 million and shoddy works by contractors in projects in an Audit report of the Financial Year ending 30th June 2021.

According to the report, Physical verification of projects revealed that the Fund had allocated an amount of 78,474,761 for the implementation of 71 projects. However, 28 projects with funding allocation totaling 29,316,520 had not commenced.

“No satisfactory explanation was provided for the non-commencement of the projects. Consequently, I am unable to confirm whether value for money will be realized from the delayed projects.” The Auditor in the report noted.

Some of the projects queried over shoddy works and some being incomplete include;

Science Laboratory at Luuma Secondary School

The NG-CDF disbursed an amount of 950,000 for the completion of a science laboratory at Luuma Secondary School. The contract was awarded on 5 March 2020. However, physical verification of the project by the Auditor General revealed that although the contractor had been paid in full, the project had not been completed as per the Bill of Quantities (BQ).

“Terrazzo had not been fitted on the worktops as per the BQ while the drainage was covered with timber instead of concrete. In addition, only 26 laboratory sinks were installed instead of 28 as per the BQ. In the circumstances, it was not possible to confirm if the value for money was realized from the expenditure of 949,996 which was incurred on the Project.” The Audit report read in part.

Pit-latrine at Kyeeteni Primary School

750,000 was disbursed to Kyeeteni Primary School for the construction of a 4 door pit latrine. The tender was awarded on 7 November 2019 at a contract sum of 749,470 and the contractor was paid in full including retention money. However, physical verification of the project by the Auditor revealed that the toilet floor was poorly done and the latrines had not been put to use.

Renovation of Classrooms at Ikaatini Primary School

750,000 was disbursed to Ikaatini Primary School for the renovation of 2 classrooms and a contract for the same amount awarded. The final payment amounting to 746,576 was made to the contractor on 4 February 2020. However, physical verification of the project revealed that painting of the walls and floor works valued at Kshs.60,000 were poorly done.

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