Auditor General puts kilome NG-CDF on the spot over 20m for Bursaries and overpayment of contractors

The Auditor-General has put the management of Kilome NG-CDF on the spot over bursary awards worth over 20 million and overpayment of contractors.

According to the Auditor General, Bursaries totaling 1,531,136 were not adequately supported and Details of all the persons who applied for bursaries, successful applicants, amounts awarded to each beneficiary, and their respective institutions were not provided for audit verification.

“Management did not present for audit the approved criteria for awarding of bursaries. In addition, a review of committee minutes dated 1 April 2019 revealed that the Committee unanimously agreed that University and College students were to be awarded bursaries of Kshs. 6,000 and Kshs.3,000 per student respectively. However, examination of payment vouchers revealed that these guidelines were
not followed in the awards.” The Auditor in the report said.

“Included in the expenditure is the amounts of 12,933,093, 7,336,700, and 209,030 in respect to bursaries for secondary schools, tertiary institutions, and special schools respectively all totaling 20,478,823.” The report went on.

Some of the projects flagged include Muua Police Post where the Contractor quoted 1,310,040 as per evaluation minute dated 23 July, 2020, but was awarded at a contract sum of 2,000,000. The Contractor was paid a total of 1,800,000 and a Completion certificate was not provided for audit.

The construction of Kiima Kiu chief camp was also flagged as the Contractor quoted 1,279,710 for the works but what was awarded at 1.5 million. Construction of Kwa Muvai and Kwa Susu Gabions had the same scenario and according to the report, the contract was awarded at a sum of 2,000,000 as per a notification letter dated 03 February 2020. However, the contractor was paid an amount of 2,500,000 thus an overpayment.

The Auditor also put on the NG-CDF management on the spot over an 8 million error in the summary statement of appropriation, “recurrent and development combined as at 30 June, 2020 reflects a figure of 62,156,708 as the budget utilization difference in receipts instead of 70,636,257 derived on re-computation as the difference between final receipts budget of 187,646,315 and actual receipts on a comparable basis of 117,010,058 resulting in an unexplained difference of 8,479,549.”

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