Reprieve for Mwingi Residents as Government commences Issuing Title Deeds

Over 70,000 residents of Mwingi, Kitui county are set to receive title deeds in the next 2 weeks. This is according to Monica Juma, the Cabinet Secretary of Energy.

Speaking at Musila gardens during handing over of title deeds to Mathiakani residents of Mwingi Central, Monica Juma said that Kitui County has over 70,000 title deeds waiting to be given to the Kitui residents as President Uhuru Kenyatta promised.

“The over 70,000 title deeds are ready for pick up, and by 20th everybody should pick their title deeds so that on 21st July, I go back to report to President Uhuru that I have supplied all of them to my people in Kitui. I urge those who have received their title deeds to go and tell those whose land was surveyed to come and pick theirs at their area Chiefs’ offices,” Monica Juma said.

Monica called upon the residents to take good care of the title deeds when they are issued to them because they are essential documents showing ownership of land and they have been a problem for many Kenyans.

“Take good care of your title deeds, and if you feel you might lose it, make a photocopy and take the original one to the Chief or District Officer, who will give you a note that they are the ones with your title deeds because title deed is like an asset to you. The way you take care of your National Identity Card or your Bank card is the same way you should take care of your title deed because when you have it shows your property, and in case of emergency, you can use it to get a loan and pay you bills,” Monica added.

Kitui County commissioner Mbogai Rioba stated that President Uhuru had given them directives to ensure that the title deeds reach the residents by 20th July 2022.

“Waziri has started this exercise officially here in Kitui, and I call upon all the residents who don’t have their title deeds to avail themselves to our chiefs and assistant chiefs’ offices to pick them. We will work together with the Ministry of Lands to ensure that all title deeds reach all the residents of Kitui,” Rioba stated.

A section of the residents speaking after being given the title deeds thanked the National Government for remembering them and honoring their promise.

Kitui county is one of the counties with the highest number of settlers whose lands lacks title deeds.

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