Government urged to nurture talents after students leave school

Well-wishers and the Government have been urged to be at the forefront to support talents outside the school environment.

Speaking during Matungulu sub-county ball games finals held at Tala High School, Tala Satellite Director Jackline King’ola said that many students end up not using their talents after school.

She noted that it was saddening to see a student who was good at football end up not pursuing the same yet it is paying because they never got someone to help them nurture their talents.

“My plea is to people and especially government and well-wishers when you spot a talent in school let’s ensure that we nurture it,” said the Director.

“The big challenge is that the majority of these young people portray a series of talents but once they are out of school they are not nurtured and some do not know that their talents can put food on the table,” she added.

Tala Satellite High School was in position two in volleyball and in boys’ football. They were the champions in Badminton.

The schools that won in the finals in the sub-county will now be proceeding to the County level in Machakos and later move to the Regional level and National level.

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