Government asked to support Mental Health Awareness

National Government and County Governments have been urged to partner with Nongovernmental organizations to tackle the issue of mental health among youths.

Addressing the press in Machakos one of the founders of TIO Consultancy which deals with matters of mental health Mercy Kioko said that the rate at which depression is catching on with the youths is alarming and something ought to be done.

Mercy noted that the cases of suicide among youths in the county had gotten serious and the issue needed to be addressed by the Government as soon as possible to.

Mercy who had hosted a base camp at Machakos Youth Centre to talk to youth on matters of mental health said after having such talks the reaction from the youth was positive as many of them were not aware of how depression kicks in and what is mental health.

“Today we have had a successful interaction with the youth in Machakos. We have had a chance to talk about depression and what is mental health. I have loved the reception from the youths because I know they have learned something new,” said Mercy.

“My urge is to the Government both National and county to ensure that they support such organizations to reach the youths. Our youths have problems and no one to talk to and we cannot reach all of them but with the help of the government we can stop this monster called depression,” she added.

She further revealed that the program has helped more than 10,000 youths and they would not relent to ensure that they impact change in the lives of the youths as they are the future generations.

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