Mental status of politicians should be checked before they are elected – Mutua

A past photo of Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua. (Photo -File)

Machakos County Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has called out politicians abusing each other in public during political rallies, saying their mental status should be checked before being elected to various positions.

Speaking during the World Tuberculosis Day event at Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos, the County boss stated that it is not right for political leaders to engage in squabbles publicly since they are supposed to be role models to Kenyans.

“Our politicians should be checked if mentally they are okay. I’m saying this because some of them are not okay my friends. The way they are dividing this country by abusing one another is alarming and is showing that they have mental problems which need to be checked by our medical experts here,” Mutua said.

Mutua urged voters to be keen when electing leaders as some of them will only ruin the country, noting that some politicians are only good at playing the game of politics and poverty and they can’t bring development.

“We need to have gene therapy conducted on these politicians because some of them only have a gene of playing politics and poverty, they lack the gene of development because now the young people are jobless and many other needs that can’t be accomplished by people who are not serious but only good at playing politics,” he added.

He also warned Kenyans who are interested in running for office to be very careful in choosing political parties because some parties have already given out their certificates to specific members.

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