Emotions high as Businessman Ndolo ‘wa Mauta’ is laid to rest

Renowned businessman Francis Ndolo Silia alias ‘Ndolo wa Mauta’ who tragically passed away on Monday 27 May 2024 was finally buried at his rural home in Kiima Kiu/Kalanzoni Ward in Makueni County.

Mauta who passed away when his speeding sports car lost its brakes, collided with a trailer from behind and veered off the road near Emali town was mourned by family, friends, and community as a hardworking man and a go-getter, especially in business.

Francis Ndolo wife Miriam was moved to tears as she read her tribute to her late husband of 13 years. The two had 2 children Alan Mandela and Diana Nduku.

“I stand here today with a heavy heart to say Goodbye to the love of my life, my soul mate, and my husband. Together we shared many memories that will last forever. You were there for me through the good and bad times. I will forever cherish you…I promise to take care of our kids for them to live the life you wished, go well my love.”Miriam said.

Amidst controversy from some people on Social Media who celebrated his death, several lessons were learned during Mauta’s burial, especially during the sermons and tributes.

The sermon emphasized leaving the Judgement to God since we are all sinners and we will be leaving this world calling for forgiveness.

Makueni Senator, Dan Maanzo, who attended the burial ceremony took the time to urge locals especially the youths to make good use of the evolving digital world and Social Media to further their ideas instead of peddling lies and propaganda.

“We need brilliant people to take up emerging careers in the world to represent us there. instead of writing bad things on social media, one can use the sites to learn skills helpful in this life. Instead of ruining your life or looking for publicity in the wrong place, do something that the community can see and praise you instead of soiling the names of other people,” Maanzo stated.

Maanzo urged the community to be considerate and tolerant of one another without judging them. He also called upon the residents to live as one community that assists each other when in need.

“Let us learn to live with one another as brothers and sisters, helping one another should be the norm in our community. Let us avoid judging people and leave it to God because people that you see are holy you might not find them in heaven and instead you will find those who you judged as unrighteous,” Maanzo added.

Ndolo Silia was a prominent figure in the business community who owned several petrol stations under the brand Noble Oil, located in Kasikeu, Sultan Hamud, and Salama. He was also the proprietor of Club Whiskey Falls in Sultan Hamud.

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