Blow to Mwingi business lady as assault case against Mulyungi dismissed

Mwingi businesswoman Rhoda Musyoka who had sued Mwingi central MP Gideon Mulyungi is crying foul after the Kitui High Court threw out her case for lack of enough evidence.

While addressing journalists Rhoda expressed her dissatisfaction stating that she would appeal the ruling.

She noted that she had provided the court with CCTV evidence of the lawmaker and “his goons” entering her hotel beating her, touching her indecently, and destroying her Sh. 100,000-worth spectacles.

“I’m very annoyed, I was attacked by Gideon Mulyungi in my hotel where he beat me. I filed a case and investigations were done for three months, they asked for all the evidence they wanted and we gave them. At some point, my file was hidden and I was taken in rounds on the whereabouts of my file for close to five months,” she narrated.

“Later I learned that the case has been ongoing and with Mr. Ochieng who has been lying to me that the file isn’t in Nairobi and Embu one time I asked him why he was handling my case when he told me blatantly that he doesn’t have my case. I realized that money has exchanged hands but I deserve justice because I don’t get how my case can be thrown out yet there is evidence and witnesses, “Rhoda added.

She disclosed that despite committing the act, the lawmaker has never stepped in court and called upon human rights societies to help her get justice.

“I will not relent even if he kills me, he has been inciting bodaboda guys to chase me from Mwingi but I am a mother, a trader, and deserve justice, he is not above the law,” she said.

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