Bishop Kavwele Junior’s Mother Finally Speaks

Bishop Kavwele Junior’s mother has for the first time come out in public to speak on the allegations against her and her son.

Kavwele’s mother said that she had no reply to the allegations and she was not going to sue anyone concerning the allegations.

She went on to say that after hearing the allegations she has taken up the matter before God because He is the right person to handle her issues.

“I want to say that there are things in the social media platforms but I want to tell you that as widows we have only one God who fights for us. When I saw them I lifted my phone and told God just read all this written here and hear the words,” said Kavwele’s mother.

” Fight for me because you are the advocate for widows. You are the father to my child and my husband, God fight for me. I don’t need to sue anyone I have already told God and He knows what is best to do,” she added.

Last month, Kavwele’s ex-wife Agnes Vai Delay during an interview with Stephen Kasolo alleged that she found Bishop Kavwele getting intimate with his mother.

This prompted Bishop Kavwele to come out in public and deny the allegations saying that his ex-wife was not speaking the truth and accused her of being violent.

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