2022 KCSE: Top Ten schools in Makueni

Here is a list of the Top ten schools in Makueni County in KCSE 2022.

St. Theresa Mbooni girls

After years of battle, Mbooni Girls High School stood the test of time in maintaining the status of being the best in the county.

In 2022 KCSE, the school managed to floor renowned schools in the county and now is a force to reckon with.

The school had a mean score of 8.91 with a positive deviation of 0.63 with the first top girls managing A constant mean. Only 13 girls out of the 214 who sat their exam will not join the university.

Makueni Boys

The school registered a positive deviation from 8.265 in 2021 to 8.399 making it the second-best school in the County.

287 students out of the 316 who sat their exams are headed to the university after scoring a mean mark of C+.

Two top students managed A plain while 26 had A minus and 52 got B plus.

Precious Blood Kilungu

The school had a mean of 7.92 according to the school principal Esther Njue . 86 percent of the candidates will transition to university.

Four students had A minus 21 with B plus, 34 B constant, 55 B minus, and 50 C plus with only 28 sickening below C plus.

Kyangondu Mixed

The school took the fourth position in the county after registering a mean score of 7.905.

The little-known school in the Mbooni sub-county will be taking 152 students to the university this year.

St. Joseph Girls Kibwezi

Located in Kibwezi the school got a mean of 7.488 in KCSE 2022 with a positive deviation of 0.23.

185 students out of 252 will join the university while the rest will join colleges and technical institutes.

Mwaani Girls

The fast-rising Girls’ school had a mean score of 7.209 an improvement from 6.747 in 2021. 145 students out of the 186 will join the university.

The elated school principal Joan Muchina confirmed that no student had a grade D in the exam.

Kisau Girls

Although with a negative deviation of 0.21, the school managed to be number seven in the county.

The school had a mean of 7.165 with 10 top students getting a mean mark of B plus. The last three students had a D plus.

260 girls from the school sat for the exam but only 193 will proceed to the university.

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Makueni Girls

The once academic giant in Makueni seems to have been overtaken by other schools.

Makueni Girls High School had a mean score of 7.10 with a positive deviation of 0.359 compared to 2021.

64 percent of the 247 students who sat the exam will join the university.

Kaumoni boys

64 percent of the students who sat the exam at the school will join the university. This translates to 99 students. The school was in position 9 in the county with a mean score of 7.065.

Kitondo boys

The top student had an A-minus while the school’s overall mean was 7.04. 93 students out of 144 scored a mean of C plus and above. The school closed the list of the top 10

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