132 Bales of Bhang Seized, Two Suspects Arrested on Mwingi-Garissa road

In a significant crackdown on illicit narcotics, detectives intercepted a truck Thursday night along Garissa-Thika Road in Kyanundu, Mwingi Central Sub-county, seizing a staggering 132 bales of bhang. The operation, led by a joint team of law enforcement agencies, resulted in the arrest of two male suspects identified as Daniel Yohana, the driver, and Ismael Wako, the co-driver.

The operation according to the DCI, described as intelligence-led, unfolded as the team intercepted a KAT 198H Isuzu truck. Initial investigations uncovered 28 bales of bhang hidden on the roof cabin of the vehicle. Subsequently, the truck was escorted to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters for further examination by Anti-Narcotics detectives.

Upon closer inspection, law enforcement discovered a concealed compartment with a false bottom, reinforced with sturdy bolts and rails, containing an additional 104 bales of the illicit substance. To mask the illegal cargo, the vehicle was loaded with 31 mattresses, with the driver claiming they were destined for customers awaiting delivery.

The suspects, Daniel Yohana and Ismael Wako, are currently in custody at Muthaiga Police Station. The seized bhang, totaling 132 bales, is securely stored as authorities await the weighing and sampling process. The thoroughness of the operation underscores the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies in curbing the illegal drug trade in the region.

The arrested individuals will face charges related to drug trafficking, with the hope that such actions will act as a deterrent to others involved in the illicit trade.

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