Wote town Boda Boda leadership meets Prof. Emmanuel Mutisya, brokers truce

Prof Emmanuel Mutisya met Boda Boda riders from Wote together with their leaders in Wote Town to talk about leadership and clear the air about the donation that was left by DP William Ruto during his Makueni visit end last year.

Albanus Mutisya the Boda Boda chair, Sam, the Boda Boda Sacco Chair, and Kamuya, the Boda Boda welfare chair clarified that they were present when the money left behind by Ruto was being distributed.

The chairmen were among the committee members who met at Bricks Hotel and confirmed the 2m shillings before it was distributed. When chaos erupted, some of the members who were distributing money disappeared into the thin air. All the money was distributed.

Prof Mutisya noted that the issues raised by the Boda Boda leaders on benefiting from the coming government are important. He also advised the leaders to remain united, noting that if they continue to fight, they would all lose.

At the end of the meeting, those present promised to support Deputy President William Ruto as the next President and Prof. Emmanuel Mutisya as the second Governor of Makueni.

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