Willy Mutunga reveals why he wears an earring

Retired Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga has once more opened up on why he wears an earring.

Speaking during a recent exclusive interview, Mutunga disclosed that he started wearing it in the year 2003 following an order from his uncle, who had been sent by their ancestors.

“In 2003, one of my surviving uncles called me and said that the ancestors are saying that I should wear a stud for them, an earring. Earrings are somethings communities had, they used wood”, Ex-CJ Mutunga said.

Mutunga went ahead to state that there was no way he could have disobeyed the request as he knew there could be consequences in case he refused to comply.

Although people had earlier associated him with the gay community, the former President of the Supreme Court reiterated that his wearing an earring symbolizes his belief in the Kamba traditional religion and spiritualism.

“There was the talk of me being gay because of an earring. I said I am not. Also, I am not homophobic because if I become the Chief Justice, I will be the Chief Justice for all Kenyans. I wore this earring because the ancestors asked me to and I couldn’t disobey them”, he added

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