Why Franco Kisasi doesn’t perform in clubs

Kisasi Boys Band leader Francis Kitonyo has revealed that, unlike other Benga artists, he stopped performing in clubs.

In a recent interview, the singer known for his slogan ‘Kitunguu ni Mukaangile’ disclosed that many artists have spoiled the singing business by asking for small money to perform in clubs.

He disclosed that recently three clubs got in touch with him wanting him to perform but he turned them down because of the payment they were offering.

Even when called to perform he observed that he cannot perform for over two hours despite good payment as that would degrade his brand.

“The offer they were giving me was very little, some artists have spoiled the market for us that is why it is very rare to find me performing in clubs,” he said.

The ‘Stella’ hitmaker said he has ventured into various businesses that are keeping him afloat.

According to him a lot of musicians are solely depending on music for income this settling for less or going under when things don’t work out.

“That is why some end up begging from their fans when things go wrong or choose to sing trash about other musicians to remain relevant,” he noted.

The singer is known for playing the guitar with his teeth something that no other Benga musician has been able to do.

A fire incident in his house in December last year left him counting losses but he explained he is stable now.

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