Meet Basil, Jawabu Studios Producer behind big hits

Johnny Basil Siali, born in Kenya but brought up in several East African countries is among the celebrated music producers in the country.

Basil is also a Singer, Instrumentalist, MC, and owner of popular Jawabu studios in Machakos and has produced great hits from Kenya, Tanzania, and beyond.

In an interview, he disclosed that he opened his studios in 2013 but expanded to Machakos town in 2014.

He began as a singer and instrumentalist before venturing fully into production. His life story is a sad one but Basil says he does not look back in regret.

“It was hard growing up, my father is disabled and I can not count the days I slept without food but I am glad things are better for me,” said Basil.

The artist said that he began his studio with a lot of hope but at the start, things were not easy.

There are times he could not raise the rent for the studio and would starve for days.

Years later, he is a force to reckon with in the world of production and has brushed shoulders with renowned musicians.

Some of the biggest hits he has produces include ‘Watangoja Sana by Rose Muhando featuring Jose Kama Drama, Walionicheka by Rose Muhando featuring Ringtone, and Kelele by Stephen Kasolo among others.

He has also produced songs for other artists like Olivia Wema from Tanzania, Zipporah Eric, and Martha Mwaipaja among others.

The singer has also sung several songs among them Kiio, cinema, Fanya, and ni Mungu Tu among others. He has also collaborated with other artists like Rose Muhando, Komando wa yesu, and Martha Mwaipaja among others artists.

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