Sanita: Why I am not a Millionaire

Popular Benga artist Sammy Musyoki alias Sanita has explained why he and many Benga musicians are popular yet struggling to make ends meet.

In a recent interview, Sanita explained that most of these musicians are exploited by producers and distributors when releasing their songs thus getting very low income.

The ‘Ngavisaa Ninau’ hitmaker also noted that piracy has also contributed to musicians making less money and for him if not for the piracy of his music he would be among the richest musicians.

However, with the coming of Youtube, many who have grown their accounts have managed to earn extra income.

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“Buy music from the designated shops instead of going to Cyber Cafes to have music put in flash disks for you. If you want to promote a singer download their songs from Spotify or else you will keep on asking where once a popular singer went to. One can’t use over.400,000 to record and not get anything back and still continue recording,” Sanita said.

He noted that he is unsure when he will release his next songs disclosing that his latest song ‘Mbungi’ was released 10 months ago and has garnered over 350,000 views on YouTube.

Apart from music, Sanita is into business where he disclosed that he has opened clubs and is into farming to boost his earnings.

He explained that reason why he is missing in popular shows is because he is not invited by event planners.

“How would you go somewhere you are not invited,” he asked.

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