Wachana na Mikorogo! Kenyans make fun of Justina Syokau’s different face and hand colors

Kenyans on Facebook made fun of 2020 hitmaker Justina Syokau for having different colors on her hands and face.

In a Facebook post where she was advertising a certain brand of iron sheets, she wore heavy makeup on her face and her hands had a different color prompting numerous reactions from her fans.

Some pointed out that they used to hear a Lucky Dube song of different colors, one People and they have now found out what the reggae artist was referring to. Below are some of the reactions from the netizens;

Hellen Binti said,” Uso iko American miguu na mikono iko Sudan After kuzeeka utakaa tiger. Earth is hard.

Faith Ann said,” Mikorogo shida ni haitambui knuckles, knees, and elbows.”

Bobo said,” Those hands are telling us your true color.”

Evelyn Chebet said,”Shida ya waimbaji wengi ndio hiyo mikorogo.”

Sharmilar Shamz said,” Bleach mpaka mikono .. you look one people different colors.”

Pamela Mwende said, “Oneni Shida ya bleaching Sasa uso Ni mzungu lakini vidole vya mkono Ni Kama mjaluo.”

Justina didn’t hesitate to reply to the hilarious comments from the Kenyans where he questioned why they decided to troll her. She reminded them that she hadn’t felt anything but they should visit the iron sheets company and purchase iron sheets of their desired colors.

“Yaani niliwaambia mchoose mabati rangi yenye unapeda mkaniamulia kunitoanisha mkasaau na MABATI mnaongelelea rangi ya ngozi yangu. Aaaaaa…sijasikia vibaya sasa which colour of MABATI do you love?” She responded.

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