Business boom as Kenya National Music and Cultural Festivals kick off in Kitui

The 95th edition of the Kenya National Music and Cultural Festivals kicked off over the weekend in Kitui County with participants from 47 Counties performing in the different categories.

The festival is set to run for a week until 7th December 2022 and has attracted participants in various genres of Music, Arts/Design, Folk dance, and instrumentalists among others.

The festivals being held at Kitui town Multi-purpose center have also been graced by institutions who have taken advantage and joined the participants from counties to showcase, market, and sell their cultural products, art/design, herbal medicine, modern culture attires, weaving products, honey products among others.

Several counties have set up stands to showcase a wealth of their different products from various cultural interests concerning their respective local communities including traditional food, traditional products, attires, and traditional medicine.

Stands of Vihiga and Siaya Counties with a display of numerous cultural products, artists’ products, and agricultural technology especially on food and cereals preservation are some of the attractions in the festivals.

Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, Wildlife, and Heritage Penina Malonza officially opened the National Kenya Music and Cultural Festival on Saturday 3rd December. In her remarks, CS Malonza extolled the participants drawn from different parts of the nation for showcasing Kenya’s rich cultural heritage.

“This 95th edition festival is playing an integral role in strengthening national unity while promoting a sense of belonging for all Kenyans even in the face of cultural diversity,” the CS said.

The CS also noted that it is only through the practice and celebration of our cultures that we are able to impart values and behavioral norms to future generations, who are tasked with continuing the legacy of our Kenyan identity.

Kenya’s cultural reputation has an enormous impact on our global standing, our reputation as a peaceful nation, a place worth doing business with, and as a place worth a visit to experience cultures in its many varied forms, added CS Malonza.

The event, being run under the theme “Embracing Cultural Diversity and Connections in the 21st Century and Beyond” has come with joy to the local business community who have cashed into such rare occasions of a business boom.

The business community set up stands to sell their goods as well as accommodation and other services needed by numerous visitors attending the festivals.

Spot check on various businesses by Mauvoo News revealed that all guest houses within the town and the suburbs were fully booked irrespective of the classes. Hotels and others food outlets were reporting unusually high numbers of visiting customers.

“We have a full booking of our Guest houses for the next six days by participants attending National Cultural and music festivals, thanks to the visitors, who came when business was blinking,” said Madam Syokau Nathan, a caretaker at Mbusyani Guest house.

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