Uproar over Makueni Mortuary effluent flowing into River Kaiti

Locals living near River Kaiti have blamed Makueni Referral Hospital management for discharging mortuary effluent into the river.

A section of the locals who spoke to Mauvoo News said that the water from the Mortuary flows underground through pipes into a built lagoon next to Unoa Primary School.

From there once it overflows it gets into a dam built by Tana and Athi River Development Authority then through Kumyolo stream.

The stream connects to River Kaiti which thousands of locals from Mwaani, Uviluni, Kamunyolo, and other areas depend on for domestic use.

They disclosed that the pollution puts them at risk of contracting various diseases.

“We drink this water and use it to cook, our livestock too drink the water and when such a pollution happens we are affected,” said a local.

They called upon the County Government to swing into action and ensure the water is not leaking to the water source.

“I have lived here for over 40 years and never seen something like this, this dirty water looks greenish with a putid smell. I don’t know why the government is reluctant in dealing with the issue,” Another resident said.

“My children went swimming in the river and have developed skin diseases because of the water,” he added.

Makueni Health boss Anthony Masila said that he is aware of the issue and it would be dealt with in the next budget.

“I’m aware there is a problem with the lagoon and that is why we have put in some money for the budget we are planning for this coming financial year. I am told the problem has been there for the last three years and that is why we will set aside funds to deal with¬† the issue,” said Masila on phone.

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