Locals want fight against River Athi pollution escalated

Locals in Mlolongo phase 3 are calling upon the Government to take action on Companies polluting River Athi.

Daniel Mwanza, one of the residents and patron of The 4AS CBO told Mauvoo News that the companies discharge untreated sewer to water sources mostly in the morning and evening when public health officers are not around.

Mwanza noted that as locals they have been greatly affected by the polluted water and they fear diseases may strike.

Also since the polluted  River Athi passes through many Counties, many people in the Lower Eastern counties end up being affected.

“We are urging NEMA, National and County Governments to intervene and ensure the companies polluting our water sources are prosecuted because our people are depending on the water for consumption,” said Mwanza.

“Four people have already died from the Cholera outbreak and our water sources are very essential if only our leaders would avail themselves in the fight against this pollution,” he added.

He disclosed that as a farmer based in the area, they are finding it hard to continue with their farming due to the lack of clean water for irrigation.

He added that even plot owners were also releasing dirty water into water sources.

“I pump water from Kicheko dam but it has also been polluted. Our kids used to go swim there but the place is filled with sewage thus being exposed to infections and diseases, We need a lasting solution not just empty promises” Mwanza went on.

Mwanza noted Mlolongo lacks a proper sewer line thus the careless disposal of sewage.

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