MP Mbai to use “Mbaya Mbaya liberation movement” to flush out camel herders

Hours after suspected Camel herders killed two people in Imwaa and Kinanie areas in Kitui East constituency, the area MP, Nimrod Mbai has announced plans to flush out camel herders.

The MP revealed that he will be meeting with his ‘Mbaya Mbaya’ movement on Monday to deliberate on the way forward. Mbai also said that on Tuesday he will be opening a police post in the Kinanie area where he will officially kick off the search mission of camel herders to ensure that they are driven away from the area.

“It is sad, the Camel herders have done it again at Kinanie in Endau.  Two people were killed in cold blood yesterday. On Tuesday we will be opening a Police Post at Kinanie market and thereafter no one goes back home or to the office until we flush out all illegal Carmel herders,” Mbai said in a Tweet.

The UDA MP warned the locals who might be collaborating with the camel herders who have turned out to be bandits will be termed as criminals.

“The Mbaya Mbaya liberation movement, lieutenants will reconvene on Monday at our RV. No turning back until we attain total liberation. Any sympathizer or cooperator with the enemy (Carmel Herders) becomes our enemy and we have no apologies,” he added.

Erastus Mbuno the MCA of Endau/Malalani ward urged the National Government through the Ministry of Interior and National coordination to fast-track the process of bringing the perpetrators into books of law.

“We shall not and never shall we live like slaves in our land. The government must protect us from Somali bandits who feel like they are above the law of this land,”Mbuno said.

The suspected camel herders raided two families and killed two men namely Patrick Mboya from Mang’ola in the Zombe location and King’ondu  Mutuva from Mwitika in the Mwitika location at their homes.

In November 2022, the daring camel herders fired gunshots as Interior CS Kindiki visited the area forcing him to hurriedly leave the meeting. Missed the story? check it out below;

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