Matatu carrying charcoal catches fire in Matuu

A Matatu heading to Nairobi from Masinga caught fire on Sunday evening along Thika-Garissa road at Matuu in the Yatta sub-county of Machakos county.

The incident left the passengers inside the bus in panic forcing them to seek safety.

Apparently, the vehicle was carrying several sacks of charcoal on the carrier which caught fire and began spreading to the vehicle.

The driver was forced to stop and unload the sacks and put out the fire as dumbfounded onlookers watched in shock.

Witnesses told the press that it was a good thing the fire was spotted earlier or more damage would have been incurred.

“It all happened very fast, the sacks of charcoal caught fire and began spreading luckily there was a carwash nearby which the driver took the bus, took a pipe, and extinguished the fire with,” said a passenger.

Even after the fire had been put out and the situation calmed some of the passengers refused to continue with the journey on the same vehicle fearing for their safety.

On the same road, a boda boda operator died on the spot after a grisly accident a few meters from Kithimani market.

His motorbike heading to Kithimani when it collided with a personal vehicle heading in the opposite direction.

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