Unbowed MCA Ngunga speaks after raid on businesses by Machakos inspectorate

Mua ward MCA Francis Ngunga has vowed to continue with what he termed as exposing the bad things in the County Government despite the raid on his businesses by Machakos inspectorate officers Thursday.

The inspectorate officers raided his Full-care school and arrested a teacher and some of his staffers at Machakos Cottage and Kafoka. The officers are said to have carted away some items leaving the businesses counting losses.

A seemingly angry Ngunga stormed the inspectorate courts demanding the release of his staffers calling out the Wavinya administration for what he termed as personal politics. A near fistfight nearly ensued as those accompanying Mwonga exchanged words with the inspectorate officers.

“Today inspectorate officers raided my businesses and took some drinks and items from the butchery. I knew it was them because they had a county vehicle. From that hotel cottage, they went to Kafoka and took away some items and female staff. I found them crying in court. They also went to Full Care Academy and found a teacher in class and arrested them, they were demanding a single business permit. “MCA Ngunga narrated.

Ngunga vowed to carry on with exposing the bad things in the County Government asking the Wavinya administration to address the issues and avoid personal politics.

“I’m surprised because this has come after what I have been speaking when we were giving out bursaries. I’ve spoken on several other issues which are known to Machakos residents. Machakos County Government has hit a new low. They seem to be afraid, I would like to ask them, let’s deal with issues and stop personalizing them. Why are people being arrested at my businesses only? In Machakos town Hotels and schools are still operating.”The vocal MCA added.

“Nothing will scare me, we will keep speaking of the bad things happening in the County and we will only keep quiet when such is rectified. I won’t be cowed, I can even shut these hotels. We used to have a governor here for 10 years and we have never seen, Mutua had opposition including Wavinya. Be civilized, Raila is still squaring out with Ruto, I am the Raila of here. We will fight until these issues are rectified.” He vowed.

Ngunga was accompanied by Kalama MCA Musyimi Maeke and his Masii colleague Douglas Muema Musyoka who also called out the County Government to accept criticism and stop such acts.

“I want to ask the Governor, if there are issues raised just go and address them because the voters can see. Going to school, you leave a director to go and arrest a teacher so as to traumatize our children, what type of showbiz is that?” Douglas posed.

This comes days after a section of MCAs led by Francis Ngunga of Mua and Mwonga of Masinga accused Governor Wavinya of failing to deliver after a year in office. Wavinya hit back at them by presenting a list of projects in Mua and other parts and claimed she wouldn’t be blackmailed to give them county tenders. Missed Governor Wavinya’s speech? check it out on our YouTube channel;

Ngunga also hit back at Wavinya saying he was not interested in County Tenders.

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