Nzioka Waita speaks after losing the Machakos Gubernatorial race

A past photo of Nzioka Waita addressing the press in Machakos (Photo credit-Juline/Mauvoo)

CCU Party leader and Machakos Gubernatorial Candidate Nzioka Waita has conceded defeat after losing in the recently concluded general election.

Addressing the press in Machakos Waita who was flanked by his running mate Florence Mwangangi thanked the people of Machakos for supporting their bid.

“I want to take this opportunity to formally concede this election and to pass this message to the people of Machakos that we are grateful for the support they gave us, we are grateful for coming out in large numbers to vote for us but the election process is what it is,” Nzioka said.

Waita called on the team that was going to take over the running of the county to ensure that they deliver to the residents saying that the people were in dire need of good leadership.

“To the team that is going to take over the running of the county, we wish them all the best and hope they will carry out their duties to the best interests of the people of Machakos,” Waita added.

“Our people are hungry and are in need of good leadership and our county is desperate for good governance and ensure that our people will get this,”he added.

Waita revealed that there were some irregularities from the IEBC and even some of the party’s agents were being chased away from the polling centers something the IEBC overlooked.

“There was quite a number of irregularities across board in all the polling stations and some presiding officers had chosen to take sides and objection that were given by our agents were not taken into consideration,” he went on.

Waita was vying for the Machakos gubernatorial seat on a CCU party ticket and came second after Wavinya Ndeti.

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