Machakos University student accused of killing Girlfriend arrested

Police in Machakos have arrested the main suspect behind the murder of first-year Machakos University student Harriet Moraa.

Harriet Moraa had visited her boyfriend, who lived in a single room in a densely populated residential area known as “Diaspora,” just hours after traveling from her rural home in Kisii.

According to Machakos Sub-County Police Commander Nzioka Singi, the primary suspect in the murder, identified as Crispin Omondi, was arrested on Tuesday after presenting himself to the Machakos police station and reporting the incident.

The estate caretaker, Daniel Musila said that Moraa and Ouma were budding lovers.

“She was a regular visitor here in Diaspora. I have met her at the water point on several occasions,” said Musela.

Musela noted that on that day Moraa was murdered, no alarm was made, and neither did a distress call come out of Ouma’s house

Musela further added on the fateful night, one of the night gatekeepers said Ouma had requested to be given the keys to the backyard exit, a request that he declined.

“The reason we stopped opening the back exit is that some tenants (mostly university students) would use it to escape and move to other residences after defaulting on rent,”the care taker added.

According to the DCI, Moraa checked into Ouma’s house on Monday morning and was never seen leaving the house.

“ The gentleman was seen making numerous trips in and out of the house. We believe in him we have the key suspect. He is the person to tell us what happened,” said Singi.

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