Traders narrate their ordeal after losing property in Machakos inferno

On Monday (6th June) at around 3 pm, fire broke out in Machakos Grogon area. Property worth millions was burnt to ashes leaving traders counting losses.

Mauvoo News reached out to some of the victims of the tragedy who are counting their losses.

“I’m truly saddened by what has happened to me and many others here in Machakos. My spare parts shop which I established here last year, has now turned to ashes. what will I do surely? That was my only hope. My only source of income. I wonder where the fire broke out from. There are many questions that need to be answered. It is not easy for me to just witness my shop turn into ashes.” Jacob Muya a businessman narrated.

“See now, no kiosk, no property. Where will be getting income from in these tough times? I’m stressed. I can’t start afresh now. Ai, what do you want me to do? Should I die now? Mutua tell me, you are my governor. I hear you are at Masii on campaigns, come here and give us the way forward. Though I know you can’t come.”Magdalene Kanyivu another trader added.

“Even if we talk, yell, cry, jump nothing will happen. I ask my fellow business people to gain courage and think of option B and accept God’s will. I will have to start again since I can’t just go home and watch my wife bring food to the table. No. However, the government should intervene and do something for us to be able to stand again strong.” Kaloki said.

According to the witnesses, one fire engine came to the scene with no water. After like an hour, another fire engine arrived but had a low pressure making it unable to stop the fire. The flames continued to ravage timber and tires in the area.

Traders and some leaders were forced to hire private water bowsers to help contain the fire putting Machakos county fire department on the spot over the fire which was less than a kilometer from their base.

“I always wonder about the kind of cinemas in Machakos. Mutua is always playing with our minds. How can a fire engine come to a scene with no water? If we had serious fire fighters in Machakos the fire incident at Grogan would have been contained to avoid that huge damage, but you have taught the firefighters cinemas. Go home you are of no help.” An irate eyewitness narrated.

Local Politicians arrived at the scene but many of the irate residents didn’t show up at their addresses saying that they won’t allow politicians to use their tragedy for campaigns.

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