Top 10 schools in Kitui in KCSE 2022

Education CS Ezekiel Machogu on 20th January 2023 announced the KCSE results for the Form Four class of 2022. Here is a list of the top 10 schools in Kitui county;

Matinyani Boys Secondary school topped with a mean of 9.942. Out of the 240 candidates, 35 got an A- (minus), 156 got a B plus, and 49 got a B constant. The school registered a 100 percent transition to the university. They registered an improvement index of +1.65 compared to 2021 where they got a mean of 8.296.

Kitui School which is the only Boys’ National school in Kitui got a KCSE mean of 9.312 and was in position 2 in the county. They had 199 candidates. 5 got A plain, 42 got A- (minus), 48 got B+ (plus), 50 got B plain, 29 got B- (minus), 19 got C+ (plus), and 6 got C plain. The school dropped by -0.18 in 2023 whereas in 2022 they registered a KCSE mean of 9.5. The percentage of students who qualified for the University (C+ and above) was 96.98 percent.

AIC Sombe Girls came third with a mean of 8.5488 and an entry of 82 candidates. 1 candidate got an A minus, 4 B got plus, 40 had a B constant, 32 got B minus, 4 got C plus, and 1 got a C constant. They registered a 98.78 percent transition to the University and an improvement index of +2.35 whereas in 2021 they had a mean of 6.2.

St. Charles Lwanga school got a mean of 8.18 and was fourth with a transition of 85.86 percent to the university. Out of an entry of 198, 10 candidates got an A minus, 34 got a B plus, 41 had a B constant, 47 got a B minus, 38 got a C plus, 19/got a C constant, 8 got a C minus and 1 got a D plus.

St. Anne’s Muthale which is the only Girls’ National school in Kitui was number 5 after they got a mean score of 8.110 in 2022 compared to 8.030. Five candidates got an A plain, 16 got an A-, 40 got a B plus, 56 got a B plain, 60 had a B minus, 54 got a C plus, 34 got a C constant, 13 got a C minus, and 3 got a D plus.

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Kisasi secondary school in Kitui South constituency got a mean score of 7.965 and was in position 6 with an entry of 227 candidates. 4 candidates had an A minus, 20 got a B plus, 40 got a B constant, 84 got a B minus, 60 got a C plus, 17 got a C constant, and 2 got a C minus. 208 candidates out of the 227 got a direct university grade translating to a 91.6% transition to the university.

Kyuso Secondary school in Mwingi North was in position 7 with a mean of 7.069 and an entry of 131 candidates where 83 of them got a direct entry grade to the university. 5 candidates had a B plus, 14 got a B constant, 29 got a B minus, 35 had a C plus, 36 got a C constant, 9 got a C minus and 3 had a D plus.

St. Angela’s girls’ school in Kitui Central got a mean of 6.935 a drop from the previous year where they had 7.5 in 2021 and were in position 8. Out of the 200 candidates, 3 got a B plus, 29 got a B constant, 39 had a B minus, 51 got a C plus, 46 had a C constant, 25 got a C minus while 5 got a D+, and 2 got a D constant.

St. Thomas Aquinas Kalawa boys in Kyangwithya East, Kitui Central got a mean of 6.2895 and was in position 9. The top candidate had a B plus, 7 candidates had a B constant, 12 got a B minus, 21 got a C plus, 38 got a C constant, 34 had a C minus, and one got a D constant. The total number of candidates who sat for the examination was 114.

Kyondoni girls in Kitui West got a mean of 6.09 and was in position 10 with an entry of 200 candidates. One candidate got an A minus, 4 got a B constant, 17 got a B minus, 31 got a C plus, 87 got a C constant, 56 got a C minus, and 4 got a D plus.

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