The day snake disrupted Wavinya’s Yatta meeting

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has come a long way in her political journey to be where she is today.

At one time in 2016, Wavinya attended a function in the Yatta sub-county where she was to open a new Chama cha Uzalendo (CCU) Office.

She arrived at the event accompanied by the Party’s leadership and a few other leaders but as she sat down a bizarre incident happened.

A snake appeared at the venue causing everyone to run for their lives.

Some scampered for safety as others climbed on top of tables and chairs fearing the serpent.

A few brave men went forward and descended on the viper with all manner of weapons killing it on the spot.

Shaken Wavinya rose up to speak after the incident leading the crowd in a gospel song.

“Bwana Yesu ndiye kimbilio langu, shetani akiniona anatetemeka,” she sang.

Later she proceeded to open the new office and things went on smoothly.

The incident aroused mixed reactions as to whether it was a normal incident since Yatta is hot and dry or someone could be behind it.

At that time Wavinya was contesting for the Governorship against Alfred Mutua on CCU party before joining Wiper.

A year later, she lost to Mutua in the disputed General elections that were challenged up to the supreme court only to clinch the seat in 2022.

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