Senator Kavindu tells off Matungulu MP Mule

Machakos Senator Agnes Kavinudu has told off Matungulu MP Stephen Mule to concentrate on his work and stop attacking her.

Speaking at Kinyui Salvation Army Sunday, Kavindu asked MP Mule to use KERRA money to repair the Tala-Kinyui and Tala-Ol Donyo Sabuk roads instead of ‘making noise’ that the Senator was not working.

“Some men are saying I’m not working but I want to hear them in parliament not here. You heard your MP say I’m not working? I want to ask, he has 62 million and he is the one to fix the Kinyui road, he should be told to repair the roads.” Kavindu said.

Kavindus remarks were echoed by Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi who said the MP has 62 million in the account to repair roads and had failed to do so. He took a swipe at MPs Mule and Makau saying when they were busy ‘making noise’ Parts of Thika East and Kitengela that were in Machakos had gone to other counties.


“The road is under the national government and under the MP and he has over 60 million in the account… The 2 men making noise have overseen our land being taken. Kitengela was in Machakos, the whole of Thika East was in Machakos, it has gone as people make noise.” The Deputy Governor said.

Mwangangi also called for a stop to the infights being witnessed in the Wiper camp so as to allow Kalonzo to focus on national politics.

“We need to work together as a team and learn something from Makueni. Here (Machakos) we have 2 or 3 troublesome leaders. I want to ask them lets come back together because if we continue with these fights, what will happen is Kalonzo will come back home and we want him to stay out there. We want the governor and senator to talk to their colleagues so that Kalonzo can become president.”He added.

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