Regina Ndambuki Stresses Public Role in Water Policy Development

Regina Ndambuki, Chair of the Tanathi Water Works Development Agency has emphasized the significance of public involvement in developing water resource management policies.

She highlighted the importance of gathering varied perspectives adding that this helps comprehend and effectively handle the difficulties facing Makueni’s water sector.

“Together, we can navigate the challenges ahead with resolve and resilience and emerge stronger, more united, and better equipped to fulfill our collective vision of a sustainable and prosperous future, ” she said.

She presented these statements at a public involvement event for Tanathi WWDA’s Strategic Plan 2023-2028. The event was hosted at Wote Technical Training Institute (WTTI).

Ndambuki highlighted the purpose of the gathering, emphasizing the goal of engaging in meaningful dialogue and developing the long-term strategy for the next five years using collective feedback. She stressed her confidence in the power of communal wisdom to guide decision-making. Ndambuki noted that the strategic plan represents their commitment to transparency, accountability, as well as good governance in Makueni County’s water sector.

Numerous stakeholders attended the event. Among them were non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, members of the public, the national government administration, several government departments, and political leaders. Eng. Fredrick Mwamati, CEO of Tanathi WWDA, was also present at the event.

It also aspires to create trust and confidence among stakeholders by implementing transparent and accountable governance processes. This will consequently create the groundwork for Makueni County’s sustainable water management. The involvement of both government and non-governmental players reflects a willingness to collaborate and partner in addressing water concerns. This strengthens resilience in the face of future uncertainties.

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