Former Kilome MP Regina Ndambuki wins UDA nominations, Competitor protests

Former Kilome MP Regina Ndambuki will be seeking to recapture the seat on a UDA ticket. This is after she won the nominations in the 77 polling stations on Thursday (21st April).

Regina Ndambuki got 5,939 votes followed closely by David Kamzee with 5,657 and Steve Mutevu taking the third position with 1,835 votes.

Only votes from 73 polling stations were counted while three of them were kept away. This is because there was no single agent belonging to the candidates and party officials. The remaining polling station didn’t receive ballot papers.

While addressing journalists after being declared the winner, Ndambuki called upon her competitors to work with her in ensuring she secures the seat in August.

“In any game, there is always a loser and a winner. Because we are in one party Come let’s work together and promote our party UDA,” She said.

Engineer Stephen Mutevu who came third said he will support Ndambuki in her quest.

“I will not run as an independent candidate as many of you except. Today marks the end of my 2022 parliamentary race, I will accept the results as they are and I will be walking with the other aspirants,” Mutevu said.

David Kamzee who came second however did not accept the results saying that the results of his votes at the Enzai polling station were different from the ones brought to the tallying center. He asked for the votes from Enzai polling station to be done away with.

“It’s very clear that box should be removed. The Enzai case what I have is not what you’re having. I disagree and I’m not going to sign any paper,” he said.

The UDA elections board is yet to respond to his statement.

In Makueni constituency, Stanley Kyungu won the UDA parliamentary nominations while Fred Muteti came second.


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