Maima special gift to his wife Esther on her birthday

Alphonse Kioko popularly known as Maima of Kithungo Raha celebrated the birthday of his wife Esther by gifting her on the special day.

Esther Kioko shared a video on her Tiktok account to celebrate the gift from her lover, Maima – a Samsung Z flip 5 phone.

‘Jamani kupendwa raha’ Thank you so much my love for the birthday gift.”Esther said.

Maima also posted a birthday message on his Facebook revealing that his wife has turned 30. He also said that he had prepared a big party to celebrate her birthday at his Kiembeni Resort in Tawa.


” Happy Birthday My Love Esther Kioko, I don’t know whether I should reveal that you have now entered the third floor or I should keep quiet. I have prepared for you a big party at Kiembeni Resort Tawa and I welcome my fans and friends to join me during the cake-cutting event as we eat goat meat,” Maima in the post said

Samsung Z flip is one of the most expensive Samsung Mobile Phones in the market and it costs from 120,000 to 220,000 depending on the specs. One of the unique features of the phone is the multi Window feature which can open up to five apps at once and store a selection of shortcuts to recent apps in a desktop-like taskbar for easy access.

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