Rebecca Lekuton Shatta Bway’s wife buried with his dreadlock

Celebrated mid-morning show presenter Jacob Maunda alias Shatta Bway lost his wife on Sunday last week.

Rebecca Lekuton died while receiving treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital after suffering from an autoimmune disease.

The beauty queen was buried in Mukaa, Makueni on Saturday an event attended by leaders, fellow journalists, and fans.

Shatta Bway was lost for words when he rose up to speak about his late wife.

First, he spoke about how he met his wife at a young age and how instrumental she was to him becoming the man he is today.

He noted that when he decided to have dreadlocks his wife questioned his decision.

The Waks tikitaka show host said he considers the dreadlocks as a crown and whenever he encounters a worthy course he cuts one of them to never forget it.

At the funeral, he requested a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut one of his locks which was buried with his wife.

He noted that his wife’s last request was for him to take good care of their two children Jaheim and Riley as she was soon resting.

“Mama Jaheim as you leave you go with part of that crown and I love you, I will love these children as you wanted me to, I will protect them and be the best dad ever,” Shatta said.

Your last words were ‘Baba Jahaiem enda nyumbani uchunge watoto Mimi napumzika,’ I will fight for them, defend and protect them the best way I can, I love you so much and will always will,” he added amidst tears.

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