Embrace each other to avoid child negligence – Trustee

Communities have been urged to embrace each other especially the ones in need to curb the increase of children being neglected by relatives.

This is according to Jackson Musyoka who is a trustee of Grace Children’s Home in Matungulu subcounty of Machakos County.

Addressing the press after celebrating 14 years of being a children’s home, Jackson said that many children who found themselves defiled or neglected end up in homes because they do not have someone to take care of them and if only people would be human it would go a long way.

“Many children here have been rescued from their homes and brought here for safety. If we as human beings can embrace each other many children would be saved because the majority end up suffering before we even come to their rescue,” said Jackson.

Grace Children Home has about 200 children who have been rescued from harsh situations that have been inflicted on them by relatives or people in the community.

Jackson went ahead to reveal that he had even built a school in the home to cater for those children so that they can experience all the love they need without exposing them to more trauma and letting them heal.

Matungulu Children Officer Nathan Kyule echoed Jackson’s words and urged people to embrace one another and report cases of child labor, defilement, and any other things that pose a risk to children.

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