Nyanyaa: locals walk 4 kilometers to make phonecalls

Residents of Nyanyaa in Mwingi sub-county of Kitui County have expressed their frustration over the lack of network in the area.

A section of the locals who spoke to the media explained that they are forced to walk for over four kilometers to find a place where they can make and receive calls.

They explained that the lack of network coverage in the area has made the town fail to grow fast like other towns.

“We have to rush for about 4 kilometers or more to a place where there is network coverage to make calls or receive them.¬† During emergencies, it has been hectic because there is no communication,” Syengo a local said.

“We also want to open M-pesa business to be able to transact money but that is not possible too we would like to urge the national government to ensure there are connections masts in our areas to facilitate communication, “John Mulungu another resident said.

Even with the forced long walls they have to go to a higher place or climb up trees to make a good connection.

Also, they called on the government to ensure electrification is done in the area to promote businesses that rely on electricity like saloons, barber shops, and butcheries among others.

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