Ndeke: I have reconciled with Kasolo after God warned me

Renowned singer Ken Kijana, also known as Ndeke ya Muthanga, has announced that he has reconciled with fellow musician Stephen Kasolo, ending their longstanding feud. 

In a candid interview, Ndeke shared how the reconciliation came about and urged fans to stop pitting them against each other adding that he can now look into a future with many expectations.

Reflecting on their past conflicts, Kijana revealed, “At one point, I blocked Kasolo, but he never blocked me. There came a time when I texted him, asking if we could move past our differences. We talked and cleared the air.”Kijana emphasized that their relationship has now transformed into one of brotherhood. 

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“After praying, God told me that to receive grace, I must let go of grudges and it’s not Kasolo alone but others too,” he explained. He urged fans to support their newfound camaraderie, stating, “We are brothers now. Let’s move forward together.”

This heartfelt reconciliation marks a new chapter for the two artists, promising a future of unity and collaboration.

He noted that it is important to show upcoming artists the need for unity in the industry as wounded people cannot preach the gospel.

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