Nairobi Estates where Kambas love to live

The Kamba community is found majorly in three counties Machakos, Makueni, and Kitui.

However, there are counties neighboring Ukambani where the Kamba community can be found although not in large numbers. These counties include Taita Taveta, Murang’a, and Embu counties among others.

A spot check by this writer has shown that in Nairobi City, the community has shown a liking for specific towns for dwellings.

When visiting these places you may think you have landed in Kathonzweni, Kangundo, or any other popular place in Ukambani.

In no order here is a list of Estates in Nairobi where you would find a lot of Kambas.


Found in Embakasi South Constituency and has many Kambas living there. This can be proven by the fact that the Member of Parliament here is a Kamba too, Joshua Musili Mawathe currently serving his second term.

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Said to be a low-income residential estate located in the Northeast of Nairobi. Just like Pipeline, you would find quite many Kambas here.


D as many call it is known to have the largest dumpster in Nairobi county and neighbors Kariobangi and Baba Ndogo. This too is among the preferred dwelling areas by the community.


Just like Kibera, Mathare is a slum and is divided into two six wards known as homes for low-income Kenyans.

Many soccer teams like Mathare United, Real Mathare FC, and Mathare Youth FC among others were founded here. Kambas are known to live in Mathare sub county mostly in Ngei, Mlango Kubwa, and Kiamaiko wards.

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