‘My heart is still is in pain’ – Mother to Tala Girls Form 3 student speaks after emotional burial

Magdalena Mueni the mother of the late Francisca Doke has spoken after the burial of her daughter who died at Tala Girls High School.

Speaking to Mauvoo News after the funeral in Kanyangi, Kitui Rural constituency, Mueni said that she is still in pain even after releasing her daughter to rest in peace. This is because she has not received any clear information from the school management concerning the death of her daughter.

Mueni revealed that she endured a lot after the death of her daughter and requested the Ministry of Education to intervene on the issue and get justice for her daughter.

“I’m in much pain in my heart even after releasing my daughter to rest in peace, I need justice for my daughter because since she left me on 31st August 2022 I have never got anyone to explain what exactly happened to my child. I was called to school but I didn’t get anyone to explain it to me. I would like to ask the relevant investigative authorities to investigate the matter and tell me what happened,” she said.

Magdalena said that she is in deep pain because the school management neglected her. This is despite her daughter being pronounced dead at the school premises and under the care of the school.

“I took my child to school when she was alive and in return, I was called when she was dead, no one has bothered to even console me and tell me how the investigations are going. As a mother it pains me, I ask the government of Kenya together with the Ministry of Education to help me get justice and have peace of mind,” she added.

The family members also revealed that they got reports from the school that Francisca allegedly took her own life meaning that she had gone through a lot before deciding to take her own life.

“We know there is what led to the death of Francisca and we call upon our government through our president Ruto to follow up on the matter and give us justice. We ask people from the human rights office to intervene because we know the deceased since she was a child, there are children’s rights,” Sarah Mbelenzi one of the family members said.

The family added that they will push to see that justice prevails for their child and to have peace of mind after knowing exactly what transpired. They also pointed out that the Deputy Principal of the school should be held to account because she spearheaded the occurrence.

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