Emotional Mother of Tala Girls Form 3 student who died in school speaks for the first time after the incident

A Form 3 parent from Tala Girls High School whose daughter died in the school under mysterious circumstances on Wednesday (31st August) has spoken to the media for the first time after the incident.

Addressing the press at Kangundo Level 4 Hospital Morgue after a post-mortem was conducted on her daughter’s body, Magdalena Mueni said that she wants the Ministry to do a thorough investigation of what transpired that day.

“My request to Matiangi and Magoha is they do a thorough investigation to know what really transpired because when I enquired about her death I was told to go and ask the DCIO because it was beyond them,” Mueni said.

“I brought a kid to school, not to a mortuary, I want to be told what really happened to my daughter because she was a good kid, her father died 3 years ago and she has been a good child, I want justice to be accorded to my daughter,” she added.

Mueni noted that when she got a call from the school upon arrival the issue of the death of her daughter was not handled accordingly saying that she was shown a letter that her daughter had allegedly written and from the letter her daughter had been accused of stealing yet she still went on to tell them she had not stolen.

“Am here at Kangundo Hospital morgue, I had a girl who was in Tala Girls High School and when schools were opened I released my daughter to come to school but on 31st I received a phone call from the school that there was an emergency, when I arrived to school I was taken to the principals’ office,” The mother narrated.

“The principal went on and told me that my daughter Francisca Doke was found in the dormitory dead, she had hung herself, as a mother I was shocked but they told me that I go view the body of my daughter and I refused I enquired from them to tell me what happened to my daughter,” she went on.

Her words were echoed by a family friend who said that investigations ought to be done so that institutions become cautious. She narrated that the note left behind by the girl was a clear indication that she had been pushed beyond the limit after being accused of stealing.

“Yes our child hung herself and died and it is okay, we have Fransica amenyamaza Leo but we have other children in school and specifically they are in Tala Girls but teachers should know how to handle souls these are minor souls they are minor citizens,” she said.

“Talk to a child if found guilty take the disciplinary action in the right way but threatening a kid mpaka mahali anafika anachukua maisha yake, the girl left behind a note saying ‘because I tried to explain myself and you created your own story it is okay I leave you to God I didn’t take a single pencil from anyone, let me go and be at peace with my father I will cause any trouble again‘, Magoha take action on this,” she added.

On Wednesday, reports from the police said that a Form Three Girl at Tala Girls High School had committed suicide in one of the dormitories at the school. The reports indicated that the girl had been accused of stealing 2,500 shillings and a packet of pencils but later was found hanging in one of the dormitories.

Our efforts to reach the school administration for a response have been futile.

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