Mwingi: Burglary attempt on an electronics shop ends in fatal fall

A burglary attempt in an electronics shop in Mwingi ended in a fatal fall Friday. The tragic event occurred when a middle-aged man died while attempting to steal from the shop.

The discovery of his lifeless body prompted an investigation into the circumstances of the tragedy. Mulinge Kituo, the shop’s owner, says he discovered the corpse inside his store at 7:15 a.m. The sight of damaged gypsum ceiling panels and the body itself indicated a fatal fall. This consequently prompted the shop’s quick closure and the notification of authorities.

“When I arrived, I saw that the gypsum ceiling was broken. I then spotted the body. I wasn’t sure if he was still alive or dead, so I closed my shop and went straight to the police station,” Kituo narrated.

Law enforcement personnel reacted quickly, confirming the terrible death of the alleged intruder, who had fallen headfirst onto the concrete floor.

Surveillance footage from the shop’s CCTV system revealed the sequence of events, putting light on the unsuccessful burglary attempt.

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