Matungulu residents Decry lack of development despite decade of devolution

In a concerning development, residents of Kangemi in Matungulu sub-county of Machakos county have expressed deep dissatisfaction over the apparent lack of progress and development in their area, even a decade after the advent of devolution in Kenya. 

The community, comprising hardworking individuals striving for a better quality of life, continues to grapple with fundamental challenges that hinder their daily lives.

Chief among their grievances is the absence of essential amenities that many take for granted. Despite significant strides in various sectors across the country, this particular region remains without access to basic necessities such as electricity, clean water, security lights, and even a public toilet. 

The locals told Mavoo News that the deficiencies not only impact their standard of living but also pose health and safety risks.

“We have patiently awaited the benefits of devolution, hoping for improved infrastructure and services that are vital for our well-being. However, the reality on the ground paints a starkly different picture,” lamented a local.

In response to these pressing concerns, residents are calling upon their Member of County Assembly (MCA), Mathias Mambo, to take decisive action and advocate vigorously for development projects in their locality.

They urged Mambo to prioritize the allocation of resources towards addressing the longstanding infrastructure deficits and fulfilling the basic needs of the community.

 “We would be happy if a borehole is sunk here to save us the long journey in search of clean water in faraway places. Also, we have no public toilet in this market,” said another local.

The residents observed that if the area is connected with electricity then new businesses would crop up and cause the town to grow and offer more services.

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