Mwala MP Takes On Kalonzo for failing to hand over leadership despite his age

Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka alias Kawaya has told off Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka for not allowing a succession debate despite his age advancing.

Speaking at Mbiuni while launching Street Lights, Kawaya said that Kalonzo had been the Kamba Kingpin for quite some time and it was time he gave out the mantle to another person as he was getting old.

He noted that at the age that Kalonzo was elected as the National Organizing Secretary for KANU and given the position to take over from Mulu Mutisya was back and now he was advancing to old age without anything to show off unlike him who had just been elected recently as National Organizing Secretary for the ruling UDA party.

“The position I have is the exact one that Kalonzo had in Moi’s government for him to become the Kingpin of the Kamba Community and when he was made National Organizing Secretary for KANU, Mulu Mutisya’s years were added and Kalonzo inherited the mantle to lead the community from him,” Said Kawaya.

“I have been elected as the National Organizing Secretary for the ruling party when Kalonzo is approaching his 80s and he does not want to be inherited and he is getting old,” he added.

He noted that he will continue traversing the country despite what people are saying noting that it is time the community groomed someone to take over from Wiper Leader in the future.

“Other tribes like the Kikuyu have started grooming their young leaders to lead is it bad for us to do so? I will continue going over the region despite what people say what I know is that Kalonzo will get old and it’s time we groomed our own,” said the legislator.

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