Mutuse accuses Wiper leaders of sabotaging Mombasa road economy

Kibwezi West MP Mwengi Mutuse has accused Wiper leaders of sabotaging the Mombasa road economy.

In a Facebook post, Mutuse said that it’s questionable why there are no demos in other parts of Ukambani and only Emali.

The lawmaker accused the Wiper leaders of transporting goons to demonstrate in Emali and destroy property.

“The people of Kibwezi West are not fools. Why were/ are there no demos in Tseikuru, Kikima, Yekanga, Kilili, etc but only at Emali in Kibwezi West? If you have an issue with me, face me and leave my people alone. What you are doing is cowardly. Transporting your goons to Emali and drugging youth to demonstrate is, to say the least ridiculous,” Mutuse said.

The Maendeleo Chap Chap legislator asked the locals to open their eyes and demand the protesters from outside to leave the area. This is to ensure business along the road continues as before.

“Emali people, pls open your eyes wide and see the calculated sabotage against yourselves. Ask these people to leave us to go about our businesses freely. Why are they organizing/ funding destruction in our towns while their hometowns are operating? If demos are good why don’t they do them in their own towns ?”The legislator questioned.

“We are enterprising people and travelers on Msa Road are our biggest customers. The flow of traffic is key to our financial well-being. We will not allow sabotage of our local economy. We will bring the war to your doorsteps. It won’t be business as usual,” he added.

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