Mule raises concern over frequent nationwide blackouts

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule has raised concerns over frequent blackouts affecting the Country.

Speaking during the Jamhuri Day celebrations Mule said that the Ministry of Energy needs to give a comprehensive report on the possible causes of the blackout and how to sort them out.

He noted that the reason given by Energy CS David Chirchir was flimsy and could not be substantiated.

“We cannot fathom how the whole country including the JKIA can experience a blackout¬† something is fishy somewhere and investigations should be done and a report given on the cause of these outages, “said Mule.

“CS Chirchir let it be known that we are not buying your explanation that the blackout was caused by an overload, don’t take us for a ride because we are aware that the Kenya Power Company lines have not been serviced for years, “he added.

The lawmaker also complained about President William Ruto’s frequent travel to other countries stating that they are costing the country a lot.

He questioned why the president claims to have inherited a dilapidated country but can afford to travel every now and then.

“Ruto you are basically living in the airport, going from one country to another claiming to fend for Kenyans. You cannot deny that you have become a tourist because you have always told us that you did not find money in the accounts when you took over but how do you afford to take these numerous flights, “Mule questioned.

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